International Producer Training - Application Form

On 10 — 14 March 2021 as part of the UK-Russia Creative Bridge Forum, Manchester International Festival (UK) and Institute of Theatre (Russia) will conduct a 5-day intensive training for producers, curators and cultural professionals. Please apply before 3 March 2021 to be considered for participation.

Искусство и культура 18+

The creation and touring of large-scale original artist-led commissions with multiple co-commissioning and producing international partners is a complex and resource-intensive undertaking. The role of the producer is fundamental to navigating that complexity and realising the artistic vision within possible resources whilst also ensuring that what is created is appropriate for all of the partners involved and accessible for various audiences.

A producer learns by producing. The Manchester International Festival / Institute of Theatre Training gets as close to that as possible. It will give participants the tools to scale up their current experience through practical exercises, taught activity and peer learning, based on case studies and led by experienced MIF producers and involving international partners from various countries. It will provide participants with a practical understanding of the skills and knowledge required for the role of an international or touring producer.

Five MIF large scale co-commissions will be case studies for the course. Each of these productions was made with multiple partners around the world: Tree of Codes, The Life and Death of Marina Abramović, New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes., Invisible Cities, Atmospheric Memory. Using these extraordinary events, their complex original production and international presentations as source material, participants will be guided through all aspects of international interdisciplinary co-producing, developing learning and skills to directly apply to their own work and country context.

Teachers: MIF producers Paul Clay, Sally Lai

Moderating: Anton Fleurov

MIF / Institute of Theatre Training is designed to assure practical learning for a closed group selected based on the open call. Some sessions of the training will be open to the general audience. The keynote relating to MIF and The Factory presentation will be assured by MIF Creative Director Mark Ball.

Target Participants: The core training is specifically for Producers with 1-3 years’ experience at a smaller scale, theatre stage management, technical music production, festival management, venue management. 

The training is free of charge.

If you would like to apply, please fill in the application form below by 23.59 on 3 March 2021. Successful applicants will be notified personally on March 6.

The Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow will conduct the selection process in line with its equality and diversity policies.


753 дня назад
19 февраля 10:28 — 3 марта 2021 23:59

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